Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Friday, March 1, 2013

JSP vs Mall Portrait Co.

The great debate: Go to a portrait studio and get pictures taken or hire a professional photographer?

Choice seems easy, right? Go to the studio...I have errands
 to run anyway in the mall and I have a coupon! Win win...

Well, think again. Lets break it down!

Limited backgrounds
4-8 poses
Small working space
About 20 min session
Additional sitting fee/person
Online access for a short period of time

Jillian Spencer Photography:
Outdoor or in home setting
Unlimited number of photos
Large prints/gift items
Discounts & coupons
For pricing, see here:
Online viewing/ordering gallery for 1 year
Digital downloads

JSP costs also include travel, equipment (camera, multiple lens), creativity, clothing consult and props.
Use of outdoor elements: massive amount of space to play, be creative & get awesome depth of field (try asking a studio for that!)  

Can you capture a dreamy sunset in a studio setting? How about a newborn session away from germs? Workspace with no noise or people distractions? Atmosphere for children to play in their own element?

Have I made my point yet? Need some more insight? How bout this...
I had a genius idea to go to the portrait studio (where I used to work) and have some snap shots of me and the kids taken as a gift for my hubby.

Well, that did NOT go well. My oldest (2) was a mess and had a fit the entire time (overstimulated much?)- checkout his expressions on the pics below. I didn't get any shots with me and the kids let alone any of just the boys together. MAJOR FAIL! A week later I decided to take our own Christmas card pics at the park- my favorite spot to shoot. Compare the photos I took with my equipment/tripod & self timer vs the studios.  The studio ones are not bad, just very limited. You get what you pay for. You be the judge.


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